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The American Revolution: Valley Forge


Part I

Read the Summary of the 1765 Stamp Act at

Read about the Boston Tea Party at

Read the text of the Declaration of Independence at

Part II

Go to the Historic Valley Forge page at

Visit the following areas to answer the questions below:

Note: You'll need to look at all of the areas before answering the questions, as the answers can,t all be found in the order of areas listed above


  1. How long did the soldiers spend in Valley Forge? ______________________________________________________________

  2. How many men stayed at Valley Forge? ______________________________________________________________

  3. What was the first thing the soldiers had to do upon arrival at Valley Forge? ______________________________________________________________

  4. List five of the medical problems that the men suffered. ______________________________________________________________

  5. Which disease did George Washington try particularly hard to prevent his army from getting? ______________________________________________________________

  6. It is commonly understood that the weather at Valley Forge that winter was especially terrible, but was that really the case? Was that winter the most severe one during the Revolutionary War? ______________________________________________________________

  7. Why did the soldiers have a particularly hard time remaining comfortable in the cold that winter? ______________________________________________________________

  8. What were some of the duties of a doctor at Valley Forge? ______________________________________________________________

  9. Were there any women there? If so, what did they do? ______________________________________________________________

  10. What was George Washington,s marquee and what did he use it for? ______________________________________________________________

  11. Why did the soldiers of Valley Forge suffer a shortage of food and equipment? ______________________________________________________________

  12. Was there any opportunity for recreation? If so, what did they do? ______________________________________________________________

  13. Why did morale improve once spring arrived? ______________________________________________________________

  14. With what nation did the colonists form a treaty of alliance and commerce while the army was at Valley Forge? ______________________________________________________________

  15. Do you think you could survive conditions such as those that the army faced at Valley Forge? Why or why not? ______________________________________________________________

Part III

Final question:

Imagine that you're a soldier at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778. Write an account of your experiences, including the following: