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In order to find the links for your activity, consult the list below to find the appropriate subject.

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Document-Based Activities for World History Series

Document-Based Activities for U.S. History Series

Ancient Egypt  top.gif (1049 bytes)

Lesson 1: Egyptian Architecture

Mastaba Tomb

The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser

Explore Ancient Egypt

The Great Sphinx of Giza

Converging Pyramids

Karnak Temple—Temple of Ramses III

Pylon with Obelisk

New Kingdom Pyramid

Pyramid Challenge game

"Building the Great Pyramid"

Lesson 2: Egyptian Religion and the Afterlife

Tour Egypt Feature—The Coffin Texts

Pages from the Book of the Dead of Hunefer

The Coffin Texts

The Book of the Dead

"The Declaration of Innocence"

"[The Chapter] Of Making the Transformation into a Hawk of Gold"

Web page no longer available

"The Chapter Of Not Letting The Heart Of A Man Be Snatched Away From Him In Khert-Neter" from the Book of the Dead

For Further Research...

The Quest for Immortality-Treasures of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian Concept of the Soul

Egyptology Online: The Afterlife
Link is to an archive

Odyssey Online: Egypt

Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at The British Museum

Ancient Egypt (British Museum site)

Lesson 3: The Importance of the Nile

National Geographic Xpeditions Atlas

Hymn to the Nile

Photographs of the Nilometer on Elephantine Island
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Lesson 4: A Historic Battle

Hittite maps

"Giant Statue of Ramses II" found in 1996

Statue of Ramses II at Luxor

The Victory of Ramses II Over the Khita, 1326 BCE

"Egyptologists stumble upon huge Ramses II statue"
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Lesson 5: Egyptian Daily Life

Photographs of Deir el-Medina

Clothing and Beauty

Picture of a woman wearing a dress, from the tomb of Ukhhotep III, Middle Kingdom

Picture of a woman carrying offerings, from the tomb of Ukhhotep III, Middle Kingdom

Shoes in the New Kingdom:

Wig of Human Hair, 18th Dynasty


Food, Drink, and Agriculture

Soldier drinking beer with the help of a drinking tube and strainer
Zoom in on the picture.Link is to an archive

Farming at Karanis

Butcher Slaughtering a Calf (from the Old Kingdom):

Beekeeping photos

Household life

Ancient Egyptian pet mummies
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Mud Crocodile Toy
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Wooden Doll (12th Dynasty)
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Pottery Game Board
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Aspects of Life in Ancient Eqypt

Related websites:

Ancient Egypt

Aspects of Life in Ancient Egypt

BBC Egyptians

The Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at The British Museum

Egypt: Secrets of the Ancient World

Egyptian Monuments

African History Sourcebook

NOVA Online: Pyramids

PBS: Explore Ancient Egypt

Tour Egypt

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Ancient Greece  top.gif (1049 bytes)

Lesson 1: Life as a Greek

Clothing and Hair Experts:
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  Link is to an archive
Roles of Men & Women:,_attributed_t.aspx
Art & Music:
Map of Ancient Greece
  Click on map icon to the right


The Third Mime

Search the British Museum

Odyssey Online at the Carlos Museum

Lesson 2: Comparing Athens and Sparta

Athens overview

Sparta overview

Kid friendly overviews of Athens and Sparta

BBC "All about Athens"
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  Link is to an archive
  Link is to an archive
  Link is to an archive
Athenian Constitution

Origin of Athens (Plutarch)

Spartan Life by Xenophon

Spartan constitution

Sparta - The Acropolis

Origin of Sparta

Spartan Polity

QuickTime VR of remains of Sparta and Athens;node=4

Lesson 3: Our Greek Inheritance

Athenian Constitution

Pericles Funeral Oration, quotes

Direct Democracy in Athens

Lesson 4: Ancient Sports Illustrated

The Perseus Project: Ancient Olympics
Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:
Image 4:
Image 5:
Image 6:
Image 7:

Quicktime Tour of Ancient Olympia, the Stadium & Events

Ancient Olympic events

Athletes' Stories

Lesson 5: Greek Stories: Aesop to Zeus

Index of Greek gods

Illustrated description of Gods
Choose "Gods, Goddesses, & Heroes."

More illustrated description of Gods

Bulfinch's Mythology, The Age of Fable by Thomas Bulfinch

Background for teachers on Aesop and fable

Aesop's Fables organized by moral
  Link is to an archive

Teacher tips (creative writing projects, games)

Related websites:

For Teachers:

An Overview of Classical Greek History from Homer to Alexander

Classics Technology Center Teachers' Companions

Ancient Plumbing,2379,6747,00.html
  (Web page is no longer available)

Mr. Donn's Ancient Greek Olympics Simulation

Mr. Donn's Olympics Lesson Plan

For Students:

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek World Virtual Gallery

Ancient Greece for Kids by BBC

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

Ancient Greek ThinkQuest: Athens

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Ancient India  top.gif (1049 bytes)

Lesson 1: See What You Can Dig Up

William Penn Charter School's Virtual Museum
Link is to an archive

A Walk Through Mohenjo-Daro

Embodying Indus Life: TerraCotta Figurines From Harappa

The Unicorn Seal

Around the Indus in 90 Slides

Lesson 2: Hindu Wisdom

Background on Basics of Hinduism

"Understanding Kharma, Dharma, and Samsara" Lesson Plan
  Link is to an archive

Indian History Sourcebook: The Laws of Manu, c. 1500 BCE

The story of the Ramayana with illustrations

AskAsia: The Ramayana Story
  Pages are no longer available
Lesson 3: What Can You Learn from a Hymn?

Social Classes of Ancient India
Link is to an archive

Introduction to the Caste System
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Meaning of the Word "Purusa"

Excerpts from Hymn to Purusa from the Rig Veda

WebQuest on Caste

Lesson 4: Buddha's Truth

Mini-biography of Siddhartha Gautama

The Buddha: Sermons and Teachings (6th century BCE)
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Buddha: First Sermon (c. 6th Century BCE)
  Link is to an archive

"King Goodness" Buddhist tale

Lesson 5: "What Happened to Emperor Asoka?"

Background on Asoka
Link is to an archive

Maurya Empire Map

Edicts of King Asoka

Related websites:

Ancient India

AskAsia: Historical Overview of South Asia

Chronology of Ancient India

Ancient Wisdom and Folly: Vegas and Upanishads

Vedic Gods
Link is to an archive

Gods, Goddesses, and Supernatural Beings: Vishnu, the Cosmic God

Hymns from the Rig Veda
Link is to an archive

Concordence: Vedic Gods

Wikipedia: The Caste System

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Buddhist Studies for Primary and Secondary Students

Stories By Grandpa

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Ancient Rome  top.gif (1049 bytes)

Lesson 1: Roman Aqueducts

Archaeology 291: The Roman Aqueducts and Water Systems
  Link is to an archive
Aqua Alexandrina
  Link is to an archive

Aqua Traiana
  Link is to an archive

Aqua Marcia
Link is to an archive

The Aqueduct in Caesarea

Sextus Julius Frontinus: The Aqueducts of Rome*.html

PBS NOVA Online "Watering Ancient Rome"

InfoRoma: Roman Aqueducts

Virtual reality movie of the California Aqueduct
Link is to an archive

Lesson 2: Roman Daily Life

Shoemaker at Work

Roman Charioteer

A Day in the Life of a Schoolboy
  Link is to an archive

Odyssey Online: Rome

Excerpts from Cicero, On Old Age
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Lesson 3: Roman Government

Polybius 6.11-18: The Constitution of the Roman Republic

BBC Schools: The Romans

Lesson 4: Roman Religion



Horace, Ode 3.18

Horace, Ode 4.5

Photograph of the Lararium in Pompeii,s319+.html

Encyclopedia Mythica: Roman Mythology

Perseus Project
Type "Lares" in the Search window and choose the first entry under "Greek and Roman Materials."

Roman Art and Architecture
  Link is to an archive

Roman Mythology

Roman Religion and Mythology

Lesson 5: Roman View of the World

Orbis Terrarum According to Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (20 A.D.)

World Map According to Pomponius Mela (c. 40 A.D.)

World Map According to Dionysius (124 A.D.)

Maps of the Roman Empire

Modern map of the Roman Empire (circa 120 A.D.)

Related websites:

Literature on Roman Aqueducts

PBS NOVA Online "Watering Ancient Rome" pages

InfoRoma: Roman Aqueducts

Odyssey Online: Rome

BBC Schools: The Romans

Roman Religions and Mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica: Roman Mythology

Perseus Project: Greek and Roman Materials

Maps of the Roman Empire

Secrets of the Dead: The Great Fire of Rome

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations

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Fall of Rome/Byzantium  top.gif (1049 bytes)

Lesson 1: The Peutinger Table (Map)

Peutinger Table, full map

Peutinger Table, detail: Rome

Peutinger Table, detail: Crete, Greece, the Black Sea

Peutinger Table, selected views
Scroll down and explore maps 120-120L

Background on Roman Roads
  Link is to an archive

Lesson 2: "Reforms" under Emperor Diocletian

Lactantius: Of the Manner in Which the Persecutors Died

The Luxury of the Rich in Rome, c. 400 CE

Lesson 3: Christianity in Late Antiquity

Medieval Sourcebook: Edict of Toleration by Galerius—311 A. D.

Symmachus, Relation 3

Ambrose, Letters 17 & 18

Jews and the Later Roman Law 315-531 CE

Banning of Other Religious Theodosian Code XVI.i.2

Lesson 4: Barbarian Invasions

Ancient History Sourcebook: Procopius of Caesarea: Alaric's Sack of Rome, 410 CE

Medieval Sourcebook: Salvian: Romans and Barbarians, c. 440

Lesson 5: Christian Art and Architecture in Constantinople

Images of the Hagia Sophia

The Description of the Hagia Sophia, 537—Procopius
Link is to an archive

Image of Demetrius, Patron Saint of the city of Thessalonike, Greece, and the church of Constantinople

Image of Madonna and Child

Timeline of Byzantine Art History

Related websites:

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Byzantium Selected Sources

Byzantine Studies Page

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors

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Ancient Americas: The Maya, Aztecs, and Incas  top.gif (1049 bytes)

Lesson 1: Architecture and Urban Development

Tikal: North and Central Acropolis

The Alonso Map of Tenochtitlàn
Link is to an archive
Link is no longer available

Foundation of Tenochtitlàn
  Link is to an archive

Images of Machu Picchu
Hernan Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520

Pedro de Cieza de Léon: Chronicles of the Incas, 1540

Lesson 2: Daily Life

Mayan Loom

Hernan Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520

Sketches of Incan agriculture, Don Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala
Mayan mathematics

Omniglot: Mayan Hieroglyphic Script and Languages

Lesson 3: Religion

Popul Vuh—The Creation of True Humans

Aztec Sacrifice
Link is to an archive

Altar of Skulls (Tzompantli)
Link is to an archive

Hernan Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520

The Festival of the Sun

Human Sacrifice by Chief Roy Crazy Horse

Templo Mayor (Aztec) online museum

Lesson 4: Government

Pedro de Cieza de Leon: Chronicles

Pedro de Cieza de Léon: Chronicles of the Incas, 1540

Mesoamerican Governments

Lesson 5: Conquest

Thomas Gage Describes a Mayan Community in Early 17th Century Guatemala
Scroll down to Social Conditions.

Hernan Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520

Capture of an Inca King: Francisco Pizarro

Related websites:

The Aztecs/Mexicas

Chronological Table of Mesoamerican Archaeology

Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas
(Web site is no longer available)

The Maya Hieroglyphic Codices


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