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Elementary Grades

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Grade K

Carefully leveled, mutually supporting resources introduce the world and its people

Young Citizens

This literacy-focused, multimodal curriculum features an online learning platform, dry-erase maps and globes, engaging activities, leveled student readers, auto-graded assessments, and more. In the text, a diverse cast of characters guide students through units of increasing scope, from family to neighborhood to country to the world. Learn More »

The Nystrom Jumbo Atlas Kit

Get the atlas without the teacher’s guide and floor maps. You still get the static clings that invite children to interact actively with the 30 markable charts, and you get a one-year subscription to a digital version of the atlas. The atlas is also available in Spanish. Learn More »
Social Studies Solutions

Literacy & Social Studies


Contextualize literacy and social studies using stories that students actively create. Storypath serves up daily opportunities to practice key literacy skills students need to nail English language arts and social studies standards, while solidifying civic values. Learn More »

StrataLogica Elementary License

Make all of Nystrom’s elementary maps, globes, atlases, and activity sets digital and available to teachers and students both at home and in school. Nystrom’s carefully spiraled K–5 geography resources allow teachers to support and challenge every student at just the right level. Contact us to learn more »