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The Ratification of the U.S. Constitution

"That's the way it is, March 1, 1787." Taking a "you are there" approach, Walter Cronkite, anchor for CTN (the Continental Television Network), covers news events of 1787-1788. Cronkite, aided by John Chancellor, Andrea Mitchell, and other reporters, touches on Shays's Rebellion, Tripoli pirates, currency woes, even pesky hogs on city streets, but the big story is the heated debate over whether or not New York should ratify the Constitution. Commercials, political spots, weather forecasts, and shows hosted by William F. Buckley, Donahue, and MacNeil/Lehrer add pace (and occasional humor) to CTN's schedule while providing "painless" learning for students. Grades 5 and up. Color. 60 minutes. Icarus/First Run.

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