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THE SEPTEMBER 11TH EDUCATION PROGRAMReflect on the impact and legacy of September 11, 2001


Teachers recognize the need to fold the events of 9/11 into the classroom experience. Now they have a tool with which to do so.

Seven curriculum units help students reflect on the impact and legacy of September 11, 2001. Units include activities for understanding 9/11 as history, debating the government's role during disasters, discussing the nature of heroism, evaluating foreign policy vis-a-vis national security, and clarifying how informed citizens can take beneficial action. Relying on open-ended inquiry, activities also prompt students to interpret photographs, video footage, and oral histories; and to document their findings by means such as Google Earth and a timeline. Two DVDs supply interviews with survivors, rescuers, victims' relatives, and political leaders (including Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton), plus photographs, interview transcripts, and a video timeline of the day. Includes complete lesson plans and reproducible handouts. Grades 6–12. September 11th Education Trust. ©2009.

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ZP911DV-WBSSS SINGLE USER LICENSE: 2 DVDs, curriculum guide with reproducible activities $69.95
ZP912DV-WBSSS 5-USER LICENSE: 5 two-DVD sets, curriculum guide with reproducible activities $199.95

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