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A HISTORY OF USAn exemplary Common Core informational text


By Joy Hakim. Lively writing and fascinating anecdotes turn American history into a whopping good tale! Hakim developed her History of US series in the classroom, using children as her editors. The result is history plainly written but irresistible, history rich in primary source quotations, history that breathes passion into ideas and life into personalities—into the famous movers and shakers and the lesser known multicultural contributors alike. Lavishly illustrated with color and black-and-white photos, cartoons, maps, and drawings, each hardback or paperback text includes a chronology, suggested reading list, and index, and is replete with high-interest sidebars, anecdotes, biographical sketches, and relevant primary source documents. Grades 4–12. 7" x 9". Oxford University Press.
"A refreshing exception to the otherwise bleak textbook scene."
—New York Review of Books

"Put simply, Joy Hakim's series is the best history of the United States for youngsters today."
—Arthur Levine, Teacher's College, Columbia University

"Best of all is Joy Hakim's way with the story. Never dull, never the least plodding...The historic personages, great and small, are all alive, real people, and the idea that history might every be thought of as a chore has clearly never entered her mind."
—David McCullough

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OUP740-WBSSS COMPLETE HARDBACK SET: 10 hardbacks, sourcebook $260.70
OUP760-WBSSS COMPLETE PAPERBACK SET: 10 paperbacks, sourcebook $166.65

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