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NEUROMYTHSInvestigates widely held misconceptions about the brain and summarizes research that disproves them


Debunking False Ideas about the Brain

By Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa. Untangling scientific fact from popular fictions about the brain, this fascinating exploration investigates widely held "neuromyths"; summarizes research that disproves them; and shows how, even though they can do harm, these myths present teaching opportunities. The book tackles myths about intelligence, brain architecture and structure, teaching and learning, human development, learning environments, mind-body balance, brain plasticity, memory, attention, and language. Among the entries: "Listening to Classical Music Makes You Smarter: the Mozart Effect," "Some People Are More 'Right-Brained' and Others Are More 'Left-Brained,'" "Intrinsic Motivation Is Driven by External Reward," "Using the Internet Makes You Smarter/Dumber," "People Can Learn In Their Sleep," and "The Brain Can 'Multitask.'" Grades 10 and up. Index. Illustrated. Norton. 301 pages. ©2018.

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