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A Simulation of the Archaeological Reconstruction of a Vanished Civilization

This simulation divides the class into competing teams with the task of secretly creating two cultures. Each group writes a description of its hypothetical civilization, stressing the interrelationship of cultural patterns. Artifacts of student design and construction (not included in the kit) are then placed in the ground according to archaeological principles. Each team excavates, restores, analyzes, and reconstructs the other team's artifacts and culture. Using their acquired knowledge, students ultimately analyze their own civilization. The teacher's guide provides complete procedures, handout masters, assessments, and extension activities (most of which can stand alone); student guides include background information and sample forms. The full simulation runs for 20 class periods, but is easily shortened. Grades 6–12. Interact. Third Edition.

Sample pages

Common Core correlations, Grades 6–8

Common Core correlations, Grades 9–12Interact1

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INT115-WBSSS 9781573360371 Simulation $69.95
INT115SG-WBSSS 9781560043935 35 printed student guides (optional) $39.95
INT115E-WBSSS Downloadable version (30.6 MB) $69.95

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