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MAKING NORTH AMERICAHow North America was shaped—and how humans transformed it


Take a journey through the geographical and geological history of the North American continent with this fascinating three-part NOVA series. Part one, Origins, looks at the powerful forces, from volcanic eruptions to meteor impacts, that shaped the continent. Part two, Life, reveals how life began to emerge in North America, including how a 14-foot fish ended up in Kansas. Part three, Human, explores the arrival of humans and the connection between the natural landscape and the human activity that has transformed it—altering the continent on a scale that rivals the geological forces that gave birth to it billions of years before. Through the study of rocks, fossils, and artifacts, the documentary sets out to answer three questions: How was the continent built? How did life evolve here? How has its spectacular landscape shaped human lives and destinies? Grades 7 and up. Closed captioned. Color. Total time: 180 minutes. WGBH. ©2015.

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