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A Technology Simulation Introducing Business Principles

In a risk that pays off, student teams research a product or service, and create a business to market it. By completing technology tasks, students reinforce math, computer, and Internet navigation skills. Using a word processing program and downloading images from the Internet, students create nameplates, business cards, brochures, Web pages, and other marketing materials. They learn basic business principles, create and maintain simple profit and loss spread sheets, and graph their progress. Venture Fate Cards provide students with the opportunity to problem solve using higher-order, critical thinking. Unmodified, 13 classes of instruction are required. Grades 3–6. Interact.

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INT996-WBSSS 9781573363761 Simulation $59.95
INT996SG-WBSSS 9781560044833 35 printed student guides (optional) $39.95
INT996E-WBSSS Downloadable version (zip file; 1.7 MB) $59.95

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