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HISTORY VS. HISTORYTextbook excerpts from different nations or time periods introduce students to the basics of historiography


Understanding Historical Thinking and Historiography

By Kyle Ward. Introduce students to the basics of historiography by having them compare textbook excerpts from different nations or time periods. Thought-provoking lessons are designed to spark discussion and debate, requiring students to formulate and defend theories. After an initial section that introduces what historiography is, each lesson has a brief introduction, one or more textbook excerpts, and an "Items for Analysis" section that asks students to compare and contrast, organize events or concepts into different eras, put stories into specific context, develop arguments through specific evidence, interpret information, and synthesize it all to show that they understand the material. Also included are possible answers to the questions posed in each lesson. Grades 8–12. 8½" x 11". Mindsparks. ©2019.

Sample pages from Beginning–1830

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