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CHILD DEVELOPMENT THEORISTSTraces the evolution of psychological thought about child development


Freud to Erikson to Spock…and Beyond

This concise overview traces the evolution of psychological thought about child development, covering topics such as learning, nature vs. nurture, behavior, identity, attachment, parenting, decision making, intelligence, and more. Clear narration is accompanied by live-action scenes of children demonstrating some of the concepts discussed, archival photographs of the psychologists, and quotes from them. Theorists: Freud, Erikson, Montessori, Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow, Gesell, Bowlby, Dreikurs, Kohlberg, Skinner, Spock, Baumrind, Brazelton, Gardner. Includes a student worksheet and answer key. (The PowerPoint ® version covers the same material and comes with activities, handouts, and related websites.) Grades 9–12. Color. 21 minutes. Learning ZoneXpress. ©2009.

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