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Solving Algebra Chains within a Maze Competition

In cooperative groups, students take turns as Measurer, Designer, and Recorder to quickly and accurately solve series of algebraic equations and word problems, as well as navigate and design mazes to earn the most centimeter lengths for their team. In the final activity, teams try to outwit each other with three-dimensional marble mazes they create and build themselves. The teacher's guide has procedures, handout masters, extensions, and assessments; student guides provide roles and responsibilities, sample equations, and competition rules. The full unit runs for 15 class periods, but gives copious suggestions for modification. Grades 5–9. Interact.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 5–7

Common Core correlations, Grades 8–9 Interact1

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INT936-WBSSS 9781573363815 Cooperative group unit $69.95
INT936SG-WBSSS 9781560044499 35 printed student guides (optional) $39.95
INT936E-WBSSS 9781573363815 Downloadable version (2 MB) $69.95

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