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CIVIOA fun and challenging game teaches students about the legal aspects of civil rights


A Civil Rights Strategy Card Game

Provide a fun and challenging way for students to explore the relationship between key issues, laws, constitutional amendments, freedoms, and Supreme Court decisions that have both strengthened and reduced civil liberties. As interns at a make-believe law firm, players start with a handful of cards and then race against each other to earn points by combining cards into "precedents." Ranking is based on points earned, with winners rising from intern to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Included is a deck of 78 beautifully illustrated cards, blank cards for customizing the game, and instructions. Players: 2–4. Time: 1 hour or more. Grades 7 and up. Reach and Teach. Third Edition. ©2006.

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IPG245-WBSSS 9781604863444 Card game $14.95

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