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AMERICA BY THE NUMBERSHow changing demography is influencing politics and elections


The New Deciders

Demonstrating how demography has become increasingly important in politics and elections, this eye-opening program tracks the growing strength and influence of new voters from key ethnic groups. Journalist Maria Hinojosa interviews several of these voters, and looks at on four examples of the political effects of changing demography: Arab Americans who are registering to vote and running for office in order to combat Islamophobia, Latino evangelicals who support conservative causes as well as immigration reform, Asian American candidates facing off in one of their state's predominantly Asian American voting districts, and African American millennials on both sides of the political spectrum who say they are continuing the civil rights tradition, but in totally different ways. Grades 10 and up. English SDH subtitles. Color. 60 minutes. PBS. ©2016.govtissues

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PBS554DV-WBSSS 9781627897440 DVD (widescreen) $24.99

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