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ENVIRONMENTAL INTERACTIONS MAPSHow do humans adapt to, depend on, and modify the environment?


U.S. and World

Designed for teaching about human-environment interactions, large U.S. and world maps depict natural regions (grassland, forest, desert, tundra, and cropland) while thematic insets illustrate changes in the environment over time. In addition to natural regions, the world map shows ocean pollution and the U.S. map features urban areas. Thematic insets:
  • temperature change
  • air pollution
  • urbanization
  • sea level change
  • deforestation (world map only)
Markable and erasable, the poster-style maps are printed on durable, waterproof material. Grades 5–12. 32"h x 54"w. Shipped tubed. The George F. Cram Company.

View discussion guides for each of the maps:


QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
CRM1005-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: 2 maps $131.10
CRM1001-WBSSS 9780782526325 UNITED STATES $69.00
CRM1002-WBSSS 9780782526332 WORLD $69.00

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