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How the Greatest Psychotherapists Would Solve Your Everyday Problems

By Sarah Tomley. An engaging Q&A format reveals how the theories of leading psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and psychologists apply to problems encountered in everyday life. Delving into the mysteries of everyday human behavior, the book tackles questions such as Why do I keep leaving things until the last minute? Why do I keep buying the same brand all the time? How can I stop people unfriending me on social media? Why can't I concentrate? Accompanied by Venn diagrams, mind maps, illustrations, and side notes for clarity and accessibility, advice about each problem draws from the works of such well-known theorists as Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, B.F. Skinner, Erich Fromm, Donald Winnicott, and Fritz Perls. Grades 10 and up. Index. Bibliography. Illustrated. Firefly. 192 pages. ©2017.

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