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GEOGRAPHY ESSENTIALSTeach to the standards with ready-to-use scripts, discussion questions, activity ideas, and quizzes


Dovetailing with 18 standards set by the National Council for Geographic Education, these PowerPoint® programs ground students in basic concepts; instruct them in the expert use of maps, globes, and other tools; and provide clear definitions of often-confusing terms like place, region, movement, and ecosystem. Prepared by a geography specialist, each unit comes with a CD-ROM containing a 50- to 75-slide PowerPoint® presentation (slides have photos, maps, and artwork) accompanied by a script with a brief narrative for each slide, a 20-question multiple-choice quiz, added discussion questions, extension activities, and an annotated list of websites. Grades 6–12. Social Studies School Service. ©2004.

Sample pages from the teacher's guide for The World in Spatial Terms

Sample pages slides from the PowerPoint presentation for The World in Spatial Terms

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ZP880-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: 6 PowerPoint® presentations $269.70

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