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PSYCH EXPERIMENTSA jaunty ride through the history of psychological testing


From Pavlov's Dogs to Rorschach's Inkblots, Put Psychology's Most Fascinating Theories to the Test

By Michael A. Britt. Learn about some of psychology's most famous experiments—then try them on your own! Giving the concept, name, and researcher associated with each experiment, this jaunty ride through the history of psychological testing then describes the experiment's procedures, discusses why it matters, provides a "Let's Try It!" section with instructions for re-creating the experiment, and assesses the results. Among the experiments: classical conditioning (Pavlov), eyewitness testimony (Loftus), conformity (Asch), cognitive dissonance (Festinger and Carlsmith), change blindness (Simons and Levin), psychological attachment (Harlow), behaviorism/operant conditioning (Skinner), prejudice/discrimination (Sherif), and morality (Kohlberg). Grades 9 and up. Index. Bibliography. Adams Media. 272 pages. ©2017.experimentsandcasestudies

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