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THE 1930sContrasts the optimism of the '20s with the despair of the '30s

THE 1930s

Five American Experience episodes provide a kaleidoscopic look at America during the Depression years. The Crash of 1929 captures both the optimism of the 1920s and the shocking consequences when reality finally hit. The Civilian Conservation Corps interweaves rich archival imagery with personal accounts of CCC veterans. Hoover Dam looks at how an ambitious engineer turned a ragtag army of unemployed men into a celebrated work force that created an American icon. Surviving the Dust Bowl profiles those who stayed in the arid Midwest rather than migrate to California, struggling to survive and preserve their way of life. Seabiscuit tells the story of the underdog racehorse who captured the country's imagination. Grades 7 and up. Closed captioned. Color and black-and-white. Total time: Approximately 5 hours. PBS.

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