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This Spanish language edition of The Nystrom World Atlas corresponds page for page with the English Fourth Edition.

Ideal for helping English language learners keep pace with key content, it is an excellent resource for dual-language immersion. Great use of color, along with a knack for finding the right balance between simplicity and information density, makes this an excellent classroom atlas for middle and high school students. Chapters address the world, its continents and regions, the Pacific Rim, and the Arctic and Antarctic. Most regional studies are anchored by two shaded-relief reference maps (political and land cover), while the world and U.S. sections also include sculptural-relief (elevation) and thematic maps. Photographs, graphs, and explanatory sidebar text further enrich the treatment of each region. The student activity book has reproducible Spanish language handouts maximize the value of your atlas as a teaching tool by prompting students to inquire more deeply into each two-page spread.

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This title is part of the series: ATLAS DEL MUNDO


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