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Planting time-lapse cameras across the Arctic and sub-Arctic, nature photographer James Balog gathers undeniable evidence of environmental warming.

His hauntingly beautiful videos compress years into seconds to capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate. Experts provide scientific context on glaciology and global warming. Warning: brief strong language. Directed by Jeff Orlowski.

“Beginning in 2007 Mr. Balog began trying to capture images of receding glaciers using time-lapse photography, a process that required overcoming assorted physical and technological hurdles. But the film doesn’t just serve up Mr. Balog’s amazing and undeniably convincing imagery. It also records his personal struggles as knee problems threaten his ability to hike the difficult terrain to get the shots he wants. (Assistants take over some of the work.) That combination—a solitary quest with global implications—makes Chasing Ice as watchable as it is important.”
The New York Times

“With folks still recovering from the recent Superstorm Sandy, the release of Chasing Ice seems particularly timely. The before and after imagery of Balog’s project speaks for itself, with the power and strange beauty of the evolving landscape strong evidence that something is indeed happening, now and fast.”
Los Angeles Times

“At a time when warnings of global warming were being dismissed by broadcast blabbermouths as ‘junk science,’ the science here is based on actual observation of the results as they happen. When opponents of the theory of evolution say (incorrectly) that no one has ever seen evolution happening, scientists are seeing climate change happening right now—and with alarming speed. Here is a film for skeptics who say ‘we don’t have enough information.'”
—Roget Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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75 minutes