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The 20 sources are:

  • Excerpt from Christopher Columbus’s letter to King Ferdinand of Spain, 1493
  • Engraving of Christopher Columbus by Johann Theodor de Bry, 1595
  • Engraving of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon
  • Portrait of Christopher Columbus by Sebastiano del Piombo, 1519
  • Map of the Aztec island city of Tenochtitlan; made by one of Hernan Cortes’s men, 1524
  • Illustration showing Hernan Cortes and his interpreter meeting Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II in 1519; created circa 1550
  • Map of the world by Abraham Ortelius, 1570
  • Map of St. Augustine (Florida), 1589
  • Illustration from a 16th-century map of Ferdinand Magellan’s ship Victoria, the first to circumnavigate the Earth, 1590
  • Portrait of Amerigo Vespucci (he is described as "discoverer and conqueror of the land of Brazil"). circa 1600
  • Diagram of the Quebec settlement, circa 1608
  • Illustration of Henry Hudson’s Half Moon sailing ship in the Hudson River
  • Self-portrait of French explorer Samuel de Champlain titled "Defeat of the Iroquois at Lake Champlain," 1613
  • Illustration of Jacques Cartier’s first interview with Indians near Hochelaga (now Montreal) in 1535, circa 1850
  • Painting titled Discovery of the Mississippi by William H. Powell; portrays Hernando de Soto seeing the Mississippi River for the first time; 1853
  • Painting titled Last Voyage of Henry Hudson by John Collier, 1881
  • Spanish currency with illustration of explorer Francisco Pizarro
  • Photograph of remains of a Viking longboat; Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway, 2005
  • Photograph of a metallic helmet used in the 17th century by Spanish conquistadors in America; Museo del Carmen, Maipo, Santiago, Chile, 2008
  • Photograph of a medallion with effigy of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, in his birthplace of Salamanca, Spain, 2012
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