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Joy Hakim's much-praised A History of US comes to life in 16 dynamic episodes from PBS on four DVDs, plus a lively and richly illustrated companion book.

Exploring the birth and growth of freedom in America over the centuries-and the tensions, conflicts, and triumphs it has sparked-gripping accounts of both famous and ordinary Americans show how “liberty and justice for all is both our legacy and our destination.” In the book, beautiful photos and artwork complement simply written, “story-filled” text that makes history a compelling thematic narrative rather than just a dull recitation of facts. In the DVDs, each 30-minute program closely parallels subject matter presented in Hakim’s acclaimed ten-volume series of books. The programs are narrated by Katie Couric and feature the voices of Richard Gere, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine, and other equally well-versed actors.

DVD episodes:
Episodes and Book Equivalents

  • Disc 1: “Independence” / “Revolution” / “Liberty for All” / “Wake Up, America”
  • Disc 2: “A Fatal Contradiction”/ “A War to End Slavery”/ “What is Freedom?”/”Whose Land is This?”
  • Disc 3: “Working for Freedom” / “Yearning to Breathe Free” / “Safe for Democracy”/”Depression and War”
  • Disc 4: “Democracy and Struggles” / “Let Freedom Ring” / “Marching to Freedom Land”/”Becoming Free”
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Kunhardt Productions/WNET


Color and black-and-white

Run Time

480 minutes

Sample pages from the book