COMPLETE SET: 4 collections on 7 DVD-ROMs


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Easy to use and royalty-free, these collections of film clips are ideal for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations and other multimedia projects, or they can simply be shown on their own.

The clips cover a range of topics, such as national and international news (many shown on newsreels), politics and government, society and culture, and consumerism. Examples: digging the Panama Canal, Lindbergh in his plane, FDR’s 1932 inauguration, images of the Dust Bowl, the D-Day landing, the "Duck and Cover" cartoon, a commercial for the Edsel, a "What to Do on a Date" educational film, footage of Malcolm X, the Watts riots, Reagan’s "Evil Empire" speech, and the Challenger explosion.

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List of the film clips in this series

Titles in this series (4) :