Observa el Mundo (See The World)


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Foster geographic literacy and key social studies skills in first grade with this newly updated atlas for a new generation

Observa el Mundo is identical to its English counterpart, See the World. The Spanish-language version is a great way to ensure that your English language learners engage with the same content as their classmates. Your young learners can keep up with the class while exploring the atlas and completing activities in their native language.

The atlas helps first graders understand what we can see on maps and globes, what neighborhoods look like, where people live and work, and how children on different continents are like them.

Paperback Atlas
This 140-page atlas introduces first graders to geography and social studies skills and concepts starting with an exploration of neighborhoods.

• Compelling questions, topic sentences, and captioned photos
• Backyard Buddy speech balloons give students things to think about
• Age-appropriate maps of the United States, world, and continents

Student Activity Book
Give students a richer experience of the atlas with this 141-page reproducible activity book, which includes handouts and literacy lessons to introduce and reinforce essential skills.

E-Atlas and Interactive Activities w/ 5-Year Subscription
• 5-year subscription to e-atlas and activities

Atlas Pack w/ Digital Subscription
• 30 Observa el Mundo atlases
• Student Activity Book (reproducible activities)
• 5-year subscription to e-atlas and activities

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