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This inspiring, award-winning documentary shows how small-town students taught the world a powerful lesson.

When the students of Tennessee’s Whitwell Middle School began studying the Holocaust, one student said that he couldn’t grasp what six million meant. Learning that the Norwegians used the paper clip as a symbol of solidarity against the Nazis, the students set out to collect enough clips to visualize “six million.” As their requests for donations were sent out, millions of paper clips poured in from around the world, in addition to 25,000 letters, many from survivors. In 2001 the project culminated in a memorial that changed the lives of those who contributed to it, and the paper clip became a symbol of individual souls and a means of remembering them every time a paper clip is used. The school edition’s onscreen supplemental content provides a teacher’s guide with four lesson plans (grades 6–8 and 9–12), a printable study guide, and activity handouts. Directed by Elliot Berlin and Joe Fab.

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Hart Sharp


6 and up



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84 minutes