PART 3: 75 Lessons on Africa

Booklet of 15 lessons on reproducible pages


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Spotlights North Africa, the Nile, the Suez Canal, the Sahara, farming, and the countries of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya.

1. Map Exercise: North Africa
2. Charts and Graphs: North Africa
3. The Pyramid Game
4. Jeopardy: Modern Egypt
5. The Nile River
6. The Suez Canal
7. Morocco
8. Match Game: Algeria
9. Game of Libya
10. The Sahara Desert
11. Review Exercise: North Africa
12. The People of Africa
13. To Tell The Truth: An Anthropologist
14. The Farming Game
15. The Big Business Game

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This title is part of the series: 75 LESSONS ON AFRICA




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