A Journey through Emotional, Social, Cognitive, and Self-Development

Reproducible activity book, grades 6–8


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By Ann Vernon. These friendly books contain short, ready-to-teach activities (games, stories, role plays, writing projects, art, problem solving) to help students build resilience by learning to think and behave in healthy ways. Organized within grade levels, activities are reinforced with reproducible worksheets and specific objectives, materials needed (simple supplies and/or handouts), teaching procedure, questions for discussion, and a learning extension. Examples: "I’m Scared" (grade 1—coping with fears), "Left Out & Lonely" (grade 5—handling rejection). "Peer Pressure" (grade 7—socialization). "Mood Management" and "Parameters with Parents" (high school—emotional development). Helpful forewords explain each book’s underlying emotional health principles. Teacher resource. Bibliography. 8½" x 11". Research Press. Approximately 275 pages each. ©1998.

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Grades K-6
Grades K-6
Grades K-6