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   Order Code: NYS2214PSP    ISBN : 9780782524208
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First mapping an area for overview, then digging in to understand the area's people and activities, this comprehensive curriculum has a full year of cross-curricular geography and social studies activities.

It includes these units:

  • Mapping a Community
  • Exploring a Community
  • Mapping the United States
  • Exploring the United States
  • Mapping the World
  • Exploring the World


  • 15 Mapa Campeones atlases humanize geography by surrounding maps with captioned photographs that illustrate how similar—or how different—people’s cultures are in faraway places. 8½" x 11". 56 pages. 2015 edition.
  • 1 teacher’s guide (Spanish edition) with step-by-step lesson plans in English and correlated Spanish-language photocopy masters for reproducible handouts. 272 pages.
  • 1 literacy library with 12 age-appropriate Spanish-language fiction and nonfiction trade books and cross-curricular activities expands the curriculum while developing literacy skills
  • 6 nine-inch globes (with cradle mounts) emphasizing the continents and their labeled countries
  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (11"h x 17"w) showing an urban and a rural community
  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (11"h x 17"w) showing the U.S. and the world (with most countries labeled)
  • 2 laminated, markable wall maps (33"h x 50"w) matching the urban and rural desk maps
  • 6 markable raised-relief maps showing a 3-D physical map of the U.S.
  • 30 fine-tip markers, 4 wide-tip markers
  • 1 cart to organize and store all components

The Spanish-language edition of the Nystrom Map Champ Atlas corresponds page for page with the English version, ideal for helping English language learners keep pace with key content. Throughout the atlas, text and place names on the maps are in Spanish; the program’s desk maps, raised-relief maps, and globes remain labeled with English place names, stimulating dual-language mastery. The teacher’s guide supplies detailed lesson plans in English, student handouts and answer keys in Spanish. The literacy libraries offer Spanish fiction and nonfiction books that are equivalent to their counterparts in the English program, plus lesson plans with directions in English. Available separately, a SPANISH MODULE comprising 15 Spanish-language atlases, the Spanish edition of the teacher’s guide, and the Spanish-language literacy library can be added to the English People and Places Everywhere program to convert an English program into a bilingual program.

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