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Enable students to use comprehension and thinking strategies as tools for understanding history.

Ten lessons in each book provide guidance for modeling individual strategies, and an array of short texts provide ample opportunities for students to deepen their historical knowledge while using each skill. The ten strategies are:

  • Read and Annotate
  • Annotate Images
  • Build Background to Understand a Primary Source
  • Read and Analyze a Primary Source
  • Compare Perspectives
  • Read Critically
  • Organize Historical Thinking
  • Read with a Question in Mind
  • Surface Common Themes
  • Synthesize Information to Argue a Point

The thoughtfully chosen texts encompass a range of reading levels and are supplemented by a rich assortment of visual images, focusing on the controversies, issues, and perspectives that shaped America’s past. Each volume offers primary source documents, historical images, maps, timelines, and diagrams, and an online companion resource provides all of the reproducible texts and a supplemental image bank.

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