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The 20 sources are:

  • Photograph of German SA stormtroopers starting a boycott of Jewish businesses in Berlin; signs say "Germans! Defend yourselves! Don’t buy from Jews!"; April 1st, 1933
  • Photograph of a badge featuring the Star of David
  • Diary entry of Edi Weinstein, who escaped from Treblinka concentration camp in Poland in 1942
  • List of people being transported to German concentration camps; the list includes last name, first name, date of birth, city of birth, profession, marital status, age, ability to work, address, and registration number; 1942
  • Photograph of Anne Frank in 1940
  • Cover of a report to the governments of the United Nations about actions of Nazis occupying Poland; it was the first official government alert given to wartime allies about the Holocaust; December 1942
  • Photograph of Jews captured and forcibly pulled from dugouts during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, May 1943
  • Drawing by Stefan Kryszak, a survivor of ther Flossenburg concentration camp in Germany; circa 1940s
  • Photograph of Nazi guards selecting Hungarian Jews to be sent to the gas chamber at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, May/June 1944
  • Aerial photograph of the Auschwitz I concentration camp in Poland, August 25th, 1944
  • Photograph of a crematorium with bones visible inside; located at Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany; April 4th, 1945
  • Photograph of General Eisenhower, General Bradley, General Patton, and other U.S. Army officers viewing burned remains of prisoners held at Ohrdruf concentration camp in Germany, April 12th, 1945
  • Photograph of Jewish slave laborers in their bunks at the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, April 16th, 1945
  • Photograph of wedding rings removed from Holocaust victims by the Nazis, May 5th, 1945
  • Photograph of starving prisoners in the concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria, May 5th, 1945
  • Photograph of survivors at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria cheering U.S. Army soldiers one day after the camp’s actual liberation (the event was re-created at General Eisenhower’s request) May 6th, 1945
  • Page two of a four-page letter from Pfc. Harold Porter, a young American medic, describing the concentration camp at Dachau, Germany, May 7th, 1945
  • Photograph showing grave markers for victims in the Wobbelin concentration camp in Germany; people in nearby town of Ludwigslust were forced to visit the camp, bury the dead, and attend the memorial service; May 8th,1945
  • Photograph of a Russian slave laborer among prisoners freed by the U.S. Army, pointing out Nazi guard who brutally beat prisoners, May 14th, 1945
  • Photograph of barbed wire fencing near entrance to the Auschwitz I camp in Poland; the wire would kill escapees with high-voltage electricity; May 2006
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