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The 20 sources are:
1. Photograph of young boys working in a glass factory at midnight (1908)
2. Photograph of children working in a mill in Macon, Georgia (1909)
3. Lithograph of the Erie Canal at Lockport, New York (circa 1855)
4. Photograph of the Ben Campbell, a typical steamboat of the mid-1800s
5. Advertisement for the Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad published the week the two rails’ lines were joined in Utah in 1869
6. Map showing the telegraph lines in operation, under contract, and completed, finishing the circuit of the globe (1871)
7. Photographs depicting Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone
8. Political cartoon depicting Thomas Edison using his electric light bulb invention to shed light on the gas company monopoly (1878)
9. Political cartoon titled "The Modern Colossus of (Rail) Roads": depicts railroad tycoons exerting control over the American railroad system (1879)
10. Photograph of Pennsylvania coal miners (1895)
11. Painting titled Bethlehem Steel Works by Joseph Pennell: depicts Bethlehem Iron Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (1881)
12. Images of Samuel Slater and Slater Mill
13. Print showing bird’s-eye view of the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition (1893)
14. Description of the Clermont, Robert Fulton’s first commercially successful steamboat (published 1895)
15. Copy of $2 silver certificate from 1896: front side depicts the allegory "Science presenting Steam and Electricity to Commerce and Manufacture," while the back features Robert Fulton and Samuel Morse
16. Photograph of tenement yard in New York City (1900)
17. Newspaper article in The Tacoma Times (December 26, 1903) featuring the Wright Brothers’ first successful airplane flight
18. Photograph of immigrant family arriving at Ellis Island from Italy in 1905
19. Photograph of Ford automobile assembly line (1923)
20. Photograph of a cotton gin (2007)

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