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Debunking the idea that murdering Jews was mainly the work of a limited number of Germans, this controversial documentary shows evidence that regular army troops also participated widely in the mass murder of civilians and POWs.

The damning historic footage, photographs, personal letters, and interviews with historians are interwoven with scenes of contemporary Germans protesting the museum exhibit that first revealed this new evidence. Warning: horrific images of atrocities, naked victims. Directed by Michael Verhoeven.

“Both chilling and fascinating. Impressive.”—The New York Times

“Shocking. Like a depth charge in Germany’s consciousness.”—New York Sun

“Superb.”—LA Weekly

“Critic’s Pick! Gripping…disurbing.”—New York Magazine

“Searingly thorough… the line between wishful denial and nationalist pathology evaporates with terrifying ease.”—Time Out NY

“A smart, subtly complex film. Deftly woven…taboo-shattering.”—The Jewish Wee


“Searing…Verhoeven’s important film asks us to expand our thinking about the Holocaust beyond Auschwitz and the gas chambers.”—TV Guide

“Provocative…intriguing… punctures the closely held belief that everyday citizens and low-ranking soldiers were blameless for the crimes of the Third Reich. Very few want to think of Grandpa as a Nazi.”—Los Angeles Times

“Ranks with The Sorrow and the Pity as a superb examination of national identity in relation to Nazism.”—Cineaste

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97 minutes