A Visual History of Our World



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Hailed by The Sunday Times as "an explosion of information in giant, annotated montages of imaginatively represented detail," this unique volume combines author/illustrator Peter Goes's stunning imagery with brief explanatory text to tell the history of our planet in one continuous story.

Taking readers on a journey from the Big Bang to the present day, the book moves through historic cultures and events as it covers topics such as wars and disasters; artists, explorers, and leaders; everyday life in castles, yurts, and skyscrapers; and the richness of the human imagination, from dragons and mythical figures to iconic TV characters. Each scene puts global events in perspective in both space and time to create a hugely entertaining tapestry of the human experience throughout history.

“As much as you want to pore over each busy historical tableau, identifying mordant little characters and reading brief lines of text, you may want to rush forward to see what comes next. The predominance of illustration may make this seem a book for younger readers, but the textual narrative refers to people and things—Mao’s Cultural Revolution, for example, or the Byzantines’ use of "Greek fire" in battle—without providing definitions, so Timeline may be most compelling for children over the age of 12.
Wall Street Journal

“By combining chunks of text with infographics and delightful cartooning, Goes creates a rich, accessible treasure trove of facts and figures. Hugely informative, hugely entertaining. “
Financial Times

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2016 edition


11" x 15"


Gecko Press


Approximately 70


6 and up