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The 20 sources are:
1. Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart (1796)
2. Engraving of President James Madison, "Father of the U.S. Constitution" (circa 1810)
3. Copy of Thomas Jefferson’s Decalogue of Canons, advice from him on matters of conduct (1825)
4. Political cartoon featuring President Andrew Jackson as "King Andrew the First" (1833)
5. Photograph of President Abraham Lincoln at the Antietam battlefield, flanked by security detective Allan Pinkerton and Major General John McClernand (1862)
6. Excerpt from writings of Frederick Grant (President Ulysses S. Grant’s son) (1864)
7. Political cartoon depicting President Andrew Johnson vetoing a bill to renew the charter for the Freedmen’s Bureau (1866)
8. Political cartoon depicting President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear (1902)
9. Political cartoon depicting Jingo, the "War Dog," howling at the door of President Woodrow Wilson (1916)
10. Photograph of President Calvin Coolidge with Osage members after signing the bill granting citizenship to Native Americans (1924)
11. Note from Franklin Roosevelt regarding leg braces for polio (1926)
12. Photograph of General Dwight D. Eisenhower with U.S. paratroopers the day before the D-Day invasion (1944)
13. Photograph of President Harry Truman with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill at Potsdam Conference (1945)
14. Photograph of President John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie riding in the presidential limousine in Dallas, Texas, moments before he was shot (1963)
15. Photograph of Lyndon Johnson taking the oath of office on Air Force One after President Kennedy’s assassination (1963)
16. Photograph of President Richard Nixon meeting the Chinese premier in Beijing during his historic visit to China (1972)
17. Photograph of President Jimmy Carter meeting Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton (1978)
18. Photographs showing attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan (1981)
19. Photograph of President George W. Bush speaking after terrorist attacks in New York City (September 2001)
20. Photograph of President Barack Obama taking the presidential oath of office at his second inauguration (2013)

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