WWII: In Color



   Order Code: CBM671DV    ISBN : 1585659037
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This award-winning documentary presents declassified, digitally restored, full-color footage that adds fresh intensity to the horrors of World War II and the bravery of its soldiers.

Action sequences recount how the war was waged in the air, on battlefields, and at sea, beginning with General Jimmy Doolittle’s 1942 surprise attack on Tokyo up to the liberation of the concentration camps in Europe in 1945. The three-hour main feature includes 16 selections, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of the war, including D-Day, a B-17 bombing raid over Germany, the Allied advance into France and Italy, the liberation of Dachau, and more. Bonus features include vintage newsreels and photos, a 60-minute Allied propaganda film narrated by Clark Gable, and a global map showing European and Pacific battlefronts. Note: graphic scenes of combat and death.

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8 and up



Run Time

180 minutes