As Your District Goes Remote, Our Digital Platforms Are Here to Provide Support

School and district closures are rippling across the nation and the world as our communities join together to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In times like these, it’s more important than ever for educators and students to discover the power of digital learning.

We understand that difficult decisions must be made to protect the health and welfare of schools while also planning for effective and equitable learning. Regarding curriculum and instruction, you are not alone as you plan ahead. We support your goals and want to make sure we are doing all we can to support you during these unexpected times.

We at Social Studies School Service are making all our digital learning platforms available free of charge to school districts until the end of the 2019–20 school year.

As you navigate the myriad challenges and decisions necessary to keep your community healthy and safe, we are committed to helping you as best we can. Learn about our various digital platforms below, and know we are standing with our entire educational community in these uncertain times.


Active Classroom

Grades: 5–12

Active Classroom is our most widely used, comprehensive social studies platform. Choose from thousands of inquiry-based activities and assessments to support your US history, world history, government and civics, geography and global studies, economics, or sociology/psychology course.

With standards-based activities to promote critical thinking and student skill building, the digital platform provides educators with the resources they need to measure academic achievement and prepare students to meet national, state, and local social studies requirements. Educators can choose from thousands of lessons with formative assessments that deepen student comprehension, and you can even curate your own curriculum and lesson plans.

Nystrom World

Grades: K-12

The newest digital learning platform from Social Studies School Service is Nystrom World, which is home to the most comprehensive collection of digital maps, atlases, and mapping programs. It includes hundreds of maps with in-depth country data and tools, atlases for every grade with paired interactive activities, and immersive mapping programs. With three different modules that educators can utilize for any grade level, students will expand their geographic knowledge and be able to contextualize history and geography together like never before.

2019-09-17 16_54_14-MKT77_Nystrom World Sales Deck - PowerPoint

At the elementary level, Nystrom World introduces early learners to the exciting world of maps and atlases. Our collection of digital maps is appropriate for a variety of subjects and skill levels, and our grade-leveled atlases introduce students to complex issues like community, consumerism, and government, in a capacity that they can comprehend. All atlases for elementary students are also available in Spanish to help ELL students or promote biliteracy skills.

For secondary students, comprehensive maps, atlases, and mapping programs provide a robust classroom experience. Build map skills, promote geographic literacy, and improve critical thinking with interactive features that are designed to capture and keep student interest. Our powerful mapping programs connect history with geography for students to create a complete view of what the world was like in the past.

Young Citizens

Grades: Elementary


Part of our comprehensive, creative elementary curriculum, the online platform of Young Citizens gives teachers and students digital access to activities, assessments, and supplemental materials from the curriculum. Our full elementary program promotes critical thinking and the development of key foundational skills such as literacy, source analysis, and inquiry within students. The digital platform gives educators access to crucial materials like the teacher’s guide, the student book, a complete library of leveled student readers, and more. Additionally, teachers can assign and grade digitally from any device, making it simple and easy to use for every educator.

Support your students remotely with free access to all our comprehensive digital platforms



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