Teacher and students at nature reserve

Environmental Studies: An Educator’s Guide for the Social Studies Classroom

Aftermath of Imperialism book cover and spread

With Aftermath of Imperialism students will focus on the long-term effects of imperialism and decolonization in the modern world.

A Nystrom elementary atlas for grade 1 on top of a markable map

Build geographic literacy skills in primary schools using our up-to-date, visually engaging atlases. They make learning fun and teaching easy!

Handcrafted for Hands-on Learning

Inspire students with markable maps and globes designed to be developmentally appropriate for each grade, K–12. These engaging tools help students contextualize what they learn in their social studies classes and in our global community.

Also available digitally with Nystrom World.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Explore how to create a robust custom curriculum that will bring together all your standards and unique needs

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