Partnerships and Instruction

We aim to create a personalized pathway to the implementation of our products and services by collaborating and planning with you to provide teacher and leader support.


A resource provider says, Here are all your great resources. Go forth and implement.

A partner says, What are your district’s goals? And how might we accomplish these goals with the resources you’ve procured from us?

Our Why

The Partnerships and Instruction team fosters internal and external partnerships to make sure our customers receive the highest quality products and services possible. These collaborations will develop supports that are the standard for the vendor customer relationship.

Collaborative Work

We use the power of collaboration, internally, to develop resources, services, and supports of the highest quality.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Product Development
  • Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • Thought Leadership

Partnerships with Districts

We partner with districts through our Partnership and Instruction Team. Let’s partner with a purpose to ensure that your district makes the best use of our resources to reach your goals.

Montra and Jamie were very personable and attentive. They took the time to probe and ask clarifying questions about my district’s social studies work. As they listened, they specifically named support structures available through Socials Studies School Service that can be leveraged to aid the current social studies district initiatives.

Teacher Supports

  • Self-Paced Professional Learning
  • Professional Learning Menu Options
  • District-Customized Professional Learning

Leader Supports

  • Curriculum, Development, and Implementation
  • Leading Your Social Studies Program
  • Teacher Leader Corps Programs

Our Impact

Our products and services are the resources of choice, and district stakeholders are trained, inspired, and utilizing our products in ways that build teacher capacity and promote student success.


Watch this video to learn more about partnering with us!

Meet the Team


Dr. Montra L. Rogers

Director of Partnerships & Instruction


Jamie Filipow

Partnerships & Instruction Coordinator


LaChardra “Chardra” McBride

Partnerships & Instruction Coordinator


Regina Wallace

Partnerships & Instruction Coordinator

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