Engaging, Interactive Products for Middle Grades

Bring the best social studies materials to middle school students with over 4,500 activities in US history, world history, geography/global studies, and government/civics. Through Active Classroom, middle school students will find interactive learning experiences that captivate their attention and focus their energy.

Active Classroom creates a curriculum pathway for the busy teacher and includes thousands of activities to help teachers differentiate instruction. Follow our path or create your own! Lessons can easily be sorted by state standards, grade level, subject, era, series, and activity type to meet teachers’ unique needs.

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Four Subjects

us history
U.S. History
world history
World History
govt civics icon
Government & Civics
geo icon
Geography & Global Studies

Our Core Curricula Are…


Our middle school curriculum offerings include activities, role-playing lessons, storytelling, problem-solving, and more.


We’ve taken “boring” out of the equation. Storytelling, role-playing, and zombie outbreaks help enhance understanding of core concepts.


Teacher guides provide clear steps to differentiate learning experiences based on the abilities and learning styles of individual students.

Meet State Standards and Student Needs

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