A Walk Through the 20th Century



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An Emmy and Peabody Award–winning history, with commentary and analysis by famed reporter Bill Moyers.

According to Moyers, “Film has made it possible to see our century as no other has been seen… In archives and vaults the world over are millions of feet of film, pictures of men and women, moments and events frozen forever before the lens, a vast album of heroes and common folk, sinners and villains, the wonders, cruelties, and disasters of our time.” The program uses rarely seen vintage film to bring history before our eyes as Moyers explores and explains “those vast, subterranean connections which join one age to another.” Topics: technological progress, labor history, and social change through the 1970s. Moyers shows how the evolution of the automobile gives “clues about how a nation and its industry, our people and its dreams, come together.”

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7 and up


Color and black-and-white

Run Time

55 minutes