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The 20 sources are:
1. 1607 map of “James Fort” at Jamestown
2. 1932 painting titled The Mayflower Compact, 1620 that depicts the signing of the first political document in colonial American history
3. Depictions of the first Thanksgiving, held in 1621
4. Illustration of Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in 1664, located on what is now Manhattan Island in New York City
5. Replica of 1670 painting of slaves in Virginia processing tobacco for export
6. Portrait of a Puritan woman and her baby, late 1600s
7. Illustration of early shipbuilding in a New England colony, late 1600s
8. 1680 oil painting titled The Birth of Pennsylvania” showing William Penn standing, facing King Charles II in the king’s breakfast chamber
9. Illustration titled “Indian Raid in 1675,” during King Philip’s War in Massachusetts
10. 1706 illustrations of early colonial tools and equipment
11. A colonial Quaker meeting with a woman preaching, early 1700s
12. 1734 illustration of the planned city of Savannah, Georgia
13. 1740 illustration of Harvard College in Massachusetts
14. Illustration of a rice plantation in the southern colonies, 1750s
15. 1750 firsthand account of the passage by ship to colonial America
16. Details from a 1751 map showing barrels of tobacco from Virginia and Maryland being loaded onto ships
17. 1781 print of the Bodleian Plate, depicting the colonial architecture of Colonial Williamsburg
18. 1768 illustration of British ships and soldiers arriving in Boston Harbor
19. 1932 illustration of the reading of the Declaration of Independence from the East Balcony of the Old State House, Boston, Massachusetts, July 18, 1776
20. Map of the original 13 colonies, created for the United States centennial in 1876

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