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Investigates the economic implications—and the human stories—behind 14 articles that hit the business pages on one randomly chosen day (June 15, 2005).

Author Daniel Altman sheds light on 14 intriguing economic riddles, such as: Who really controls the world’s money supply?, What does corruption cost?, Can the U.S. set the rules for the global economy?, and Do disruptive shocks help the economy in the long run?

“Instead of the usual heavy and indigestible fare, Daniel Altman cleverly serves bite-sized, tasty portions of economic insight that will leave readers hungry for more.”—Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind

“Altman’s easy narration, merged with a few well-researched anecdotes, can offer that winning combination sought by all writers of popular economics, a succinct overview of the well-known with an original, intellectually stimulating point.”—Mario Pisani, Financial Times

“Altman gives us a revealing view from the trenches.”—Time“Clever . . . [Altman] eschews straightforward narrative, favoring zoom-in, zoom-out impressions and lengthy quotations from a kaleidoscope of people.”—Stephen Kotkin, The New York Times

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