Encompass: Changes, Gr 2

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Maintaining Nystrom Education’s established leadership in hands-on, engaged, sequenced learning, this program blends these strengths with extensive and diverse student development through literacy roads and collaboration opportunities.

Complete Program Components

  • 30 copies of the Nystrom Our Changing World Atlas
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • 6 9-inch Activity Globes
  • 30 U.S/World Desk Maps
  • 6 U.S. Natural Regions Raised Relief Maps
  • 15 Community Desk Map
  • 6 Social Studies Place Mats
  • 30 wet-erase markers
  • 5-year subscription to interactive platform
  • Nystrom Our Changing World Atlas
    This 60-page atlas focuses on learning about how things change over time. We learn how technology shows geographical changes, we learn what the United States was like long ago, we learn ways that people have helped change the United States, and we learn how the environment is changing.


  • How maps change how we see the world
  • Bird Guides focus on change over time and from place to place
  • Age-appropriate maps of the United States, world, and continents
  • Teacher’s Guide
    This comprehensive guide provides detailed teaching instructions, reproducible handouts for lessons that link history and geography, and assessments.

    9-inch Activity Globe
    The oceans are labeled, and each labeled continent is a different color, with country borders unobtrusively drawn but the countries unlabeled.

    Place Mat
    Featuring developmentally appropriate primary and secondary sources, these markable Place Mats are designed to help young learners engage with current world issues.

    U.S/World Desk Map
    The world map names the oceans and distinguishes the continents by color, with national boundary lines drawn but the countries unnamed. The U.S. map names the states. (11″h x 17″w)

    U.S. Natural Regions Raised Relief Map
    The U.S. map names the natural regions.(28 x 18 in)

    Wet Erase Markers
    The wide-tipped wet erase markers were designed specifically for the program to ensure longevity in the products.

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