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This PowerPoint®/poster kit examines well-known, seminal psychology experiments in order to help students understand methodology and practice.

The PowerPoint® begins with an overview of how psychologists conduct experiments, discussing hypothesis formation, operationalization, recording results, drawing conclusions, and ethical issues. Subsequent slides then look at experiments by Pavlov, Watson and Rayner, Mary Cover Jones, Skinner, Bandura, Allen and Beatrix Gardner, Seligman, Loftus and Palmer, Harlow, Schachter, Asch, Milgram, Sherif, Darley and Latane, Zimbardo, Rosenhan, Sperry and Gazzaniga, and Sacks. The kit also includes a multiple-choice quiz, extension activities, and a set of 17"h x 11"w posters that illustrate and summarize seven of the experiments. Note: The downloadable version does not include the posters.

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