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This skills-based curriculum consists of eight sequential, cumulative lessons that help students interpret primary sources and answer document-based questions (DBQs).

The lessons cover (1) evaluating evidence and primary source documents, (2) analyzing visual primary sources, (3) analyzing the question, (4) developing a thesis statement, (5) outlining and planning essay structure, (6) crafting an introductory paragraph, (7) writing and linking support paragraphs, and (8) summing up and concluding. Includes student pages that contain 2–6 exercises for each of the eight topics, and teacher pages that provide detailed guidelines for teaching each lesson and evaluating student work. The 1600–1865 volume focuses on colonial-era society and religion, leadership in America, the nation’s founding, the changing nature of work, Andrew Jackson and the "common man," manifest destiny, and slavery and abolition. The 1865–1975 volume’s topics include Reconstruction, reform movements, the changing roles of women, the social impact of WWI, the Great Depression, WWII and the homefront, the civil rights movement, and changes in warfare.

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This title is part of the series: U.S. HISTORY UNFOLDING




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