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As a complete series, these programs explore the meaning of civilization, asserting that the world's great cultures have each been based on a distinctive vision of life—and that the West, once considered barbarian but now in its moment of triumph, faces decline unless it can absorb the lessons of those other civilizations.

In the individual programs, host Michael Wood visits 14 countries on four continents, identifying the core values of each civilization and tracing the history of cross-cultural influences. Note: some brief but culturally appropriate nudity.

  • Iraq: The Cradle of Civilization
  • India: The Empire of the Spirit
  • Egypt: The Habit of Civilization
  • China: The Mandate of Heaven
  • Central America: The Burden of Time
  • The Barbarian West

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Maryland Public Television


8 and up


Color and black-and-white

Run Time

57 minutes each