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Dozens of charming illustrations—each representing a different aspect of a country's culture or history—cover the maps on the pages of this quirky, oversized book.

While each of the 52 hand-drawn outline maps include standard features such as major rivers, cities, and mountains, the focus is on depicting the culture of each place—its food, people, plants, animals, and places of cultural and historical prominence—and sharing intriguing facts that serve as starting points for further inquiry. A companion activity book with perforated, pull-out pages provides 36 arts-based exercises that range from instructive to imaginative (e.g., designing a flag for an imaginary country, drawing the animals and plants native to different parts of the world, and comparing the populations of countries by drawing stick figures).

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11" x 15"


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Intended for grades 2–5, but also recommended for visual learners in grades 5–12