That Delicate Balance

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This Emmy Award-winning series examines how the cornerstone of U.S. democracy, written more than 200 years ago, applies to modern life.

Using only the Constitution as their guide, more than 90 panelists debate landmark and hypothetical cases as they sort through thickets of issues involving law, medicine, religion, and race. Topics include how the Constitution affects matters of life and death, protects freedoms, punishes crime, and serves as a guideline for decisions on controversial issues. Former President Gerald Ford, teacher’s union president Albert Shanker, Gloria Steinem, Dan Rather, and Ellen Goodman are among the panelists.

  • Executive Privilege & the Delegation of Powers
  • War Powers & Covert Action
  • Nomination, Election & the Succession of the President
  • Criminal Justice & a Defendant’s Right to a Fair Trial
  • Crime & Insanity
  • Crime & Punishments
  • Campaign Spending
  • National Security & the Freedom of the Press
  • School Prayer, Gun Control & the Right to Assemble
  • Right to Live, Right to Die
  • Immigration Reform
  • Affirmative Action vs. Reverse Discrimination
  • Federalism

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he Annenberg/CPB Collection


10 and up



Run Time

60 minutes each